The Peach Blossom Chinese Restaurant – Stir-fried Lobster and Phoenix Single Bush Tea Served in Tea-infused Seafood Sauce

Originating from Chaoshan, Guangdong, Phoenix Single Bush Tea (Dancong Tea) benefits from the region's fertile soil, nurturing crops rich in trace elements. Once brewed, the light green and translucent tea leaves unfurl, offering a sweet, refreshing taste with a gentle fragrance.

For this dish, we use Australian lobsters, meticulously prepared in the Cantonese style by first removing the shell and cutting them into segments. These lobster pieces are then stir-fried with freshly picked Phoenix Single Bush Tea leaves over Qingming Festival period, imparting a delicate flavor. We complement this with our homemade tea-infused seafood sauce, simmered for two hours using dried shrimp, dried scallops, free-range chicken, and young bamboo shoots to create a rich golden broth. Finally, grinned Phoenix Single Bush Tea leaves are sprinkled on the dish as a garnish. As you fork a piece of lobster meat and dip it into the tea-infused sauce, you'll experience a refreshing and delightful sensation that will leave you wanting more.

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