• A Time-honored Industry for Hospitality



    Throughout its long course of development, the hospitality industry has roughly gone through the periods of inns, grand hotels, commercial hotels, hotel chains, hotel groups etc. The first exhibition hall introduces the development of the hospitality industry from Chinese and Western perspectives. As early as 3,500 years ago, there already existed post houses for clerks and vassals traveling to and from the regions in China.

  • Hospitality Industry in Guangzhou



    As an important starting point of the Maritime Silk Road, Guangzhou, a city founded in 214 BC, is China‘s gateway closest to the Oceania and the Indian Ocean. From a southern settlement in the Neolithic Age to an important port on the Maritime Silk Road in Han and Tang Dynasties, from the only one port for foreign trade in Qing Dynasty to the waterfront business district in the Republic of China, Guangzhou has transformed from a capital of trade and a port for trade to a modern city in over two thousand years. All of these advantages make Guangzhou a cradle of the prosperity of hospitality industry.

  • Economic Boom and Thriving Hospitality Industry



    Economic development has given birth to a thriving service industry. The vitality of the city as a thousand-year-old business capital is like the Pearl River that runs incessantly to the east, and it is the profound basis for the existence and prosperity of the hospitality industry in the city.

  • Hospitality Keeping Pace with China’s Opening up



    Long reputed as the Flower City, Guangzhou has been on the frontier of opening up to the outside world. With a pioneering spirit, it has become the birthplace of China’s hotels of the largest scale with the most complete facilities, which have boosted the development of the local hospitality industry by bringing in leading concepts, models, facilities, equipment and talents from the international hospitality industry, while leading the way in ushering in a modern lifestyle.

  • The Timeless and Extraordinary the Garden Hotel



    Crowned as one of the symbols of China’s Reform and Opening Up, the Hotel has preserved many unique historical and cultural elements and the deep imprint of a great era. The story of the Garden Hotel is closely related to the heritage and innovation of China’s hospitality industry as well as the tradition of Guangzhou as a commercial center and a flower city.

  • Quality Life beyond Views



    Tourism has become a strategic pillar industry of the national economy. The hospitality industry, as one of the three major pillars of tourism, has entered a new development pattern with three parallel modes, i.e. star-rated, brand-standard and non-rated accommodation modes. From the narrow sense of hotel business to the broad sense of the hospitality industry, the age-old industry has been facilitated by the national “internet plus” strategy and ushered in a more promising stage for development. Under the new development pattern, it has more and more grown into one of the spatial carriers for people to pursue a better life.